Falling in love isn’t easy. Physical attraction, for one, comes in handy, along with the right personality. As a rule, you should probably make sure that above all, the one that you are falling for is among the living. 

After being cursed by a jealous and greedy witch, Mary Ann O’Keefe has been trapped in the afterlife for one hundred and sixty years. To gain her long-awaited life back, she must find her true love. Just when it seems that she will be stuck in spirit forever, handsome Jace Melancon stumbles his way into her lonely little world. 

A bachelor with big dreams that were finally coming true, Jace forever changed his destiny the day that he ran out of gas on the outskirts of New Orleans. Drawn to an odd little cemetery, what he discovers will teach him more about life and death than he ever imagined. 

In a strange turn of events, Jace and Mary Ann find that love, and an open mind, can not only conquer any surprise from the other side of normal but transcend life and even death, itself.

Drew Taylor purchases an old manor deep in the woods on the outskirts of New Orleans. She soon finds that she isn't alone, though, and her new roommate isn't quite willing to share. 

After being bound to his home for one hundred and fifty years, Brendan O'Keefe has no patience for trespassers, or for stubborn women who think that they own his property. When his ghostly antics fails to make Drew flee her new found home, he begins to make room for her in his heart as well. 

Just when Drew thinks that nothing could be stranger than falling in love with a ghost, the witch that cursed Brendan a century and a half ago returns to make sure the curse isn't broken. And to make life a living hell! 

When it comes to finding true love, do these two even have a Ghost of a Chance?



What happens when you put an angel, a pixie, a ghost, and a human all in the same room? 
Love, Life, Death, and a fight to stay... Above the Grave.